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Curious about & interested in helping with the BPC and at school?  

There is no one, perfect way to be involved or volunteer.  We ALL have to choose what fits into our lives.  We are all juggling various balls and spinning different plates.

That said, if now is a good time for you to consider getting involved or finding a new way to be involved with school, your child’s class, and/or the BPC, we would like to help you find an opportunity that matches your time, talents, and interests.  

All of us coming together in small and large ways is what makes Brook Park not just a school, but a community.

There are a range possibilities on the Volunteer Form.  You can read the committee descriptions for more information and/or email Ann Heinl at volunteerwiththebpc@gmail.com to ask more questions and narrow options to what excites you!

***No experience necessary. Open to all grade levels. Training will be provided and support is on-going.***

Once you complete the form, return to school via backpack mail or email to volunteerwiththebpc@gmail.com. 

We will respond to you and get you connected to help!

P.S.  If not isn’t the right time, that’s okay.  Join us for events, share ideas, or provide input and feedback.  That’s important too!  If things change in the future, we will be here then to help you find what you would like.

P.P.S.  Did you know it’s not just moms that volunteer?!?!  Dads, kids, teachers, grandparents, and other family members are committee chairs, co-chairs, members, and volunteers too.

   -  Phyllis Kastle - Volunteer Coordinator - volunteerwiththebpc@gmail.com